Law of Succession

Nobody can plan life from the word go, but how an individual shapes his life, what he leaves behind and what provisions he makes are things that can definitely be planned in advance. Bequeathing and inheriting play an important role in the present day. All over the world assets in their billions, whether in the form of euros, US-dollars or another currency, are passed on to heirs and legal successors. For this reason, it is necessary to make provisions in time, to obtain legal advice well in advance, to develop strategies and make decisions as to what is to bequeathed to whom and when, whether intestate or testamentary succession applies or whether property and assets should or would need to be transferred in the testator's lifetime. These are all important questions requiring individual answers and decisions.

International inheritance matters are growing in importance - be it as the testator lived outside Germany or all or part of the estate is located outside Germany. Given such a constellation, testators and heirs need to give their attention to relevant aspects of international law of succession.

We are all growing older - therefore making provisions for the future also means considering the possibility of loss or restriction of personal legal competence sufficiently in advance. In view of this, persons making a last will and testament are well advised to also grant a (comprehensive) power in case of incapacity and to make a living will.