Tenancy Law

German tenancy law is divided into tenancy law of residential property and tenancy law of commercial property. We have experience in representing the interests of landlords, tenants and property management companies in both these areas.

It is self-evident that tenancy law and its regulations affect the interests of a large part of the population as they apply to an essential aspect of both life and work. While it holds true that, as a rule, prevention is better than a cure, the latter is also sometimes necessary. Our services are there to find answers to questions and solutions to problems that arise:

  • when tenancy agreements are concluded
    (including reviews to establish whether individual clauses
    in the tenancy agreement have legal effect)
  • during the term of the tenancy
    (including rent reduction due to defects, enforcing claims for rent arrears)
  • when tenancy agreements are terminated
    (including giving of notice and eviction, decorative repairs after tenancy ends,
    settlement of rent deposit accounts).

We favour - as far as possible - amicable, out-of-court settlements. They not only reduce costs but also save time and are kinder on the nerves of the parties involved. However, consensual solutions are not always possible and then, it goes without saying, we will represent our clients in court.